Step 3 - Update Network Settings

Important: Before Proceeding with this step please ensure you have completed Step 2: Update EasySBC Device Name and that EasySBC is in a Running state.

Purpose of this step: To update the DNS settings for the EasySBC.  During initial setup DNS configuration was set to public defaults and these may not work correctly for you. 

Required for this step: 

  • You must know the correct DNS addresses to use for your network
  • You must be logged into the EasySBC Web Management Interface

After successful login you will be presented with the Status page as below:

Navigate to Settings:

Under Device Configuration, confirm the number of Interfaces to be used by electing the correct option and clicking the UPDATE button.

IMPORTANT: Even if you are using SINGLE interface mode please select the UPDATE option here.

NOTE: Multiple interfaces will only be available if you are licensed for the Multi-interface feature pack.

Under Network Interface Configuration select Configure:

On this page please verify the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings.

IMPORTANT: Press the Update button (even if no changes have been made) to validate that the settings are correct.

Note: Please leave all other settings as default.  The EasySBC will alert you that a reboot is required.

Once the EasySBC has rebooted and you have logged back in you are ready to move on to Step 4: Configure SIP Trunking


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