Configuring the Management Network Interface

Once you have your new EasySBC deployed within your virtual environment you will need to power on the Virtual appliance, but before doing this please have the following information to hand:

  • IP address for the Management Interface
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway


Right, now we're ready to power on the new EasySBC so please do so.  You will see the EasySBC start booting in the console of your Virtual machine client.

Once the Virtual machine has booted you will see the 'Network Configuration and Reset Menu'

Now you're ready to Enter the Management IP Address details.  When you see this screen please enter option '1' and press 'enter'.

Enter the correct details for the IP address designated for this EasySBC.  When you are complete you will return to the 'Network Configuration and Reset Menu' with an additional message stating a reboot is needed.


VMware/Hyper-V Users - Before Rebooting you need to enable the Management Interface as it is disabled by default.  Select option 2 and press 'enter'.

Once completed you are ready to reboot the EasySBC. Do this by choosing option '0' and confirm that you wish to reboot.

VirtualBox Users - Do not reboot. Please go to the 'Machine' menu and select 'ACPI Shutdown'. You must then re-enable 'Network Adapter 1' before proceeding.

After Reboot

Let the EasySBC fully boot to the 'Current Network Configuration Menu'.

Confirm the IP address information on the menu. Test connectivity to the SBC using the PING network command to verify network connectivity.

NOTE: The PING command should return a "Destination Port Unreachable" reply from the host.  If you receive a "Destination Host Unreachable" or "Request Timed Out" reply then there is a network connectivity issue.  Verify the physical port assignment on "Adapter 1" in your Hypervisor management and ensure that "Adapter 1" is in the correct network or assigned to the correct physical interface.

If its all correct then you are ready to move onto the next step: Connect to the EasySBC 

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