Installation - Microsoft Hyper-V

This article provides an overview of how to deploy your recently downloaded EasySBC into your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment.

Important: Please read this guide article before proceeding to ensure you have all required details and information to hand, prior to starting with the deployment.

A video tutorial can be found here.

What you'll need:

  1. The location of the EasySBC Hyper-V export file (delivered as a .zip file) 
  2. Access to the Hyper-V management console, along with username and password for access
  3. An IP address for the EasySBC (an subnet mask, default gateway & DNS server)
  4. To have unpacked the ZIP file and copied its contents to a path that can be reached from the Hyper-V server.
  5. Around 15 minutes to complete the deployment into Hyper-V

Deploying EasySBC:

  1. Open your Hyper-V Management Console and connect to the required Hyper-V server.
  2. Go to 'Action' and select 'Import Virtual Machine'
  3. Click on Browse, navigate to the folder containing the downloaded EasySBC export folders and select the EasySBC folder.
  4. Select the option to 'Copy the Virtual Machine', and 'Duplicate all files so machine can be imported again'.
  5. Select the 'Import' button.

Once deployment has finished:

In the Hyper-V Management console you will now see your newly created EasySBC. The next step is to power on the VM but before doing this please take a look at the next Configuration step.

Next - Now you're ready to Configure the Management Interface

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