Step 9 - Testing

Congratulations. If you are here then you have completed the configuration of your EasySBC and have two further steps to take before you're finished.

Important: Before Proceeding with this step please ensure you have completed Step 8: Change Default Admin Password and that EasySBC is in a Running state.

Purpose of this step: In this step you carry out a number of tests to confirm you connection to your SIP trunk provider is fully working.  This step can be skipped however we strongly encourage you to complete this step to ensure proper working of your system.


Test Procedure

During this testing we will run through the following tests:

  1. Calls to Public Voice Network 
  2. Calls from Public Voice Network
  3. Invalid number test
  4. Public User Busy
  5. Private User busy
  6. CLI Presentation – from Public to Private
  7. CLI Presentation – from Private to Public

 A full test plan is attached below. Please download the test plan and run through each of the tests.  Please complete the document and email your results to

Once you have completed this Test Procedure you are ready to move onto the final step, Step 10: Backup Configuration

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