What if I don't have a Virtual Environment?

You should get one!

Virtualisation provides efficient use of server hardware in any business environment.  If you don't have a virtual server available then there are a couple of options open to you, which we have listed below:

Use a desktop Virtualisation application

Have a look as the avalible desktop virtualisation applications. You can install these on a standard PC, MAC or linux computer and run Virtual machines within your native operating system.  

Here are a couple that we use and test with in-house:

Each will allow you to take a look at, and test EasySBC in your own environment.  Our sales teams use desktop virtual machines when providing on-site demo's to our customers and its great. 

Then once you see how easy it all is, and see how consolidating your servers using virtualisation could save you money then you can look at either buying a new server to run virtualisation technology on, or convert one of your existing hardware servers.

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