Problems importing Hyper-V version of EasySBC

Some customers have reported problems importing the VHD version of EasySBC into their Hyper-V virtual environment.

As a workaround customer may use the following process to manually create the Virtual machine and attach the EashSBC VHD file manually to the VM.


1. Extract all files from the EasySBC ZIP file downloaded from

2. From the Extracted files locate the EasySBC VHD hard disk file and note the location as this will be required in the next steps.

3. In the Hyper-V management console go to 'Action' and 'Create new Virtual Machine'.

4. You will be asked to provide a name for your new VM.  Use 'EasySBC' and select next:

5. Next, configure the memory size to 2gb or 2048mb

6. Configure the network card to attach the the correct Vlan.  This Vlan should carry the IP subnet which will provide access to the internet.


7. Configure the VM hard disk selecting the option to 'Use an existing virtual hard disk'.  Select browse and locate the EasySBC vhd file.

8. Click 'Finish' and the Virtual Machine will be created.  Before powering on the VM there are two final steps required.

9. Highlight your new EasySBC VM, right click and go to 'Settings'.

10. Under 'Add new hardware' select 'Network Adapter', select 'Add'. Ensure the new NIC is attached to the same Network as in step 6.

11. Repeat step 10 to add a third NIC.

Note: EasySBC in its standard form will only use a single interface however these two new interfaces are for use when the Advanced SBC feature module is enabled.

12. The Virtual machine can now be started and steps to configure the Management Interface can be followed from here: Configure Management Interface

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